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The SwB Store is divided into a number of ministores, each listing different products such as for Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Documentaries, Journal Subscriptions, Educational Material Maps and so on. The Books Ministore is what we have started with, and from time to time we will add more.



The Access Equity Initiative, funded by the Ford Foundation, proposes to develop and strengthen the infrastructure and facilities for alternative systems of disseminating and distributing books and related materials across India:  to give access, voice, and visibility to marginalized sections of our society: women, dalits, tribals, the underclasses.
There is a great need for such an initiative, in particular in those parts of the country where there is severely limited access (if at all any!) to libraries and bookstores.  Scholars without Borders works to provide the digital means of access to this rich material by operating an online website and bookstore for academic books and journals.
The Access Equity Initiative hopes to ensure equitable access to books and information all over the country. We wish to provide a dynamic platform for educational and academic material that is being produced, and to make them available and visible to the greatest extent possible. SwB will provide small and independent publishers a space through which they can present their books on the Internet.