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  • houndbee
  • Posted: SwB Team
  • Dated: 18 April , 2010
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Routledge on Development

Two interesting titles from Routledge, India, on different aspects of development (or, to be more honest, the complexities thereof).

Chandan Sengupta and Stuart Corbridge edit Democracy, Development and Decentralization in India. Economic reform in India has largely taken place at a time of assertive cultural nationalism and growing pressures for advancement and assertion from within India’s subaltern communities. This book explores the mainsprings, contours and consequences of democratisation, decentralisation and development in India and offers new insights into its contemporary political economy. It considers how and why unequal patterns of economic growth have taken shape within the context of a democratic and decentralising political system, and how and why that system has impacted upon processes of economic development.

The different articles address how competing claims have been negotiated; in what measure has a bias in favour of political decentralisation helped the government push ahead with an economic reform agenda; and who is being left behind in the race for income growth. The book makes some important theoretical contributions to the continuing debates on democracy and development in Indian context and balances the arguments with a good variety of empirical material.

In Religion, Community & Development: Changing Contours of Politics and Policy in India edited by Gurpreet Mahajan & Surinder S. Jodhka the focus is more on the political and cultural aspects of development.

The Sachar Committee Report (submitted to the Prime Minister of India in 2006) initiated a new political discourse by making the religious community a relevant category for discussing development deficits. While the liberal–secular constitutional framework privileged the individual over the community and preferred using the category of class, the Sachar Committee differentiated between citizens on the basis of their religious identity.

The articles in this volume focus on the nature and implications of this shift in public policy. Based on a close reading of the findings of the Report, they bring to light the challenges posed by inter-community comparisons, and construct a profile of all religious communities in India, factoring in their concerns of development into the present discourse so as to nuance and modify the simple indicators to which development is often reduced.

DDD is in our Development Studies and Economics sections, 355 pages, Rs 795. ISBN: 9780415563178

RCD is in our Development Studies and Politics sections, 348 pages, Rs 695. ISBN: 9780415585668

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