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The SwB Store is divided into a number of ministores, each listing different products such as for Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Documentaries, Journal Subscriptions, Educational Material Maps and so on. The Books Ministore is what we have started with, and from time to time we will add more.


National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation

The National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation has a mandate for the

  • Compilation of the National Atlas of India
  • Preparation of the National Atlas maps in regional languages.
  • Preparation of thematic maps based on research
  • Study of environmental and associated aspects and their impact on social and economic development
  • Cartography for the Visually Impaired

The first National Atlas of India in Hindi popularly known as Bharat:Rastriya Atlas having a 26 multi-colour maps with a scale of 1:5 million portraying a comprehensive physical and socio-cultural structure of the country was published in 1957 and was acclaimed the world over as a unique publication. Consequent upon the success of Bharat:Rashtriya Atlas, the organization has decided to prepare an ambitious project containing 300 plates. It covers all the aspects of the land, people, economy of the country. This atlas is being issued in 8 volumes, which is available for sale. Apart from the above project, the organization has taken up various projects either from the out side agencies or its own.

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