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The SwB Store is divided into a number of ministores, each listing different products such as for Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Documentaries, Journal Subscriptions, Educational Material Maps and so on. The Books Ministore is what we have started with, and from time to time we will add more.


PHISPC Publications

The major programme of  PHISPC is to publish several volumes on the theme mentioned in the 'Introduction'. In the process of publishing these volumes, several workshops seminars etc. are also conducted. Major focus, however, remains publications. There is a total plan of publishing 50  volumes of books/anthologies. Out of these, 30 will be major volumes (in parts) and 20 will be smaller books called monographs.

So far 7 major volumes and 11 monographs have been brought out. In the financial year 2001-02, seven/eight major volumes and one monograph are projected to be brought out.

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